Wheat Intolerance: Ways to eliminate wheat from your diet.

Wheat Intolerance is on the rise. This is well-known and there is a constant search on for the perfect solution to counteract this particular upsurge. The main question on everybody’s lips is ‘what can I eat then?’. The simple answer is to find out what foods contain wheat and simply cut them out of our diet.

This is a route many have gone down, as they simply cut out wheat products from their typical food. If you are shown to have an intolerance to wheat, then at Sensitivity Check, we recommend eliminating this from your diet. Don’t panic though! After the suggested time of over a month has passed, you are allowed to slowly reintegrate your favourite wheat-based products into your typical nutrition regime. This helps you to test exactly which foods containing wheat (most likely all of them) will have an impact on your body, and if you do indeed have a wheat intolerance.

Furthermore, slowly reintroducing your favourite foods may also help you tell not only which food items are the culprits, but also how much of each item your body can tolerate. This means it might not have to be cut out completely.

Having a wheat intolerance can get many people down, but there are alternatives. In some cases, people have turned to gluten-free diets whilst on a break from wheat and have even stuck to these diets. See, it is not all bad!

Looking ahead with positivity, the ultimate lesson that everybody should know is to not let their food sensitivities hold them back. Learning you have a wheat intolerance is not the end of the world, but it is something we should be careful of.

Ultimately, once you have identified which foods are holding you back, with Sensitivity Check you can focus on curing your digestive system and look forward to a brighter future. Remember, sometimes it is good to see how others are feeling. Why not see if your family are suffering from the same side effects in regard to wheat intolerance with Sensitivity Check’s Family Sensitivity Test.

Have you eliminated wheat from your diet but still find yourself battling against your health? Take a look at some of the options that can set you on your way to a cleaner, healthier lifestyle right here: www.sensitivitycheck.co.uk.

This article was written by Kate, our Lab Manager

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